It’s time to retool the scorecard!

From inception, we have worked with Rainforest Strategies LLP using the Rainforest Scorecard as an organizational health check of the innovation ecosystem. With its framework, along with the hard work countless individuals, the tech and innovation community in Calgary has blossomed.

Our community has outgrown the current scope of questions, and the purpose of an updated scorecard survey is to capture the community strengths and opportunities more accurately.

This ensures our city and our province can continue to build leaders, innovators, and be a global leader in tech culture.

Please join us for our working sessions looking at the scorecard and retooling the way we assess the ecosystem. We need your feedback! We'd love to see experts in data collection design, communications, and the overall innovation landscape of Calgary. Don't worry, we'd love to see non-experts too.

Summer Dates:

Space is limited, please RSVP accurately.

  Posted: Tuesday, June 18th, 6:25pm 7 months ago