The innovation ecosystem in Calgary is building momentum for exponential change.

Over the course of the summer Rainforest Alberta has been taking a look at the way it measures its impact on the ecosystem. Through community engagement and private consultations, the Rainforest Scorecard is being retooled to have a sharper focus for Calgary’s landscape as a unique ecosystem in Alberta.

Apply for the September 26 Summit.

Apply by August 31st to be part of the shift.

  • What: Rainforest Summit
  • When: September 26, 9am - 5pm
  • Who: Passionate individuals invested in the health of the innovation ecosystem
  • Why: A strong grassroots network steeped in a collaborative, open and sharing culture will support the success of startups and enterprises alike.

Summit #6 will be taking a look at the new scorecard results, with regional context presented in partnership with the Calgary Innovation Coalition. Together, we will build community-led activations from its data.

Be part of a diverse and committed cross-section of the innovation ecosystem in Calgary who want to make space for the tech industry in Alberta.

Why participate?

Startup Genome has identified that highly connected ecosystems have a significant multiplier effect on the success rate of startups in the early stages.

The more we actively connect individuals and industries, the richer the soil in Calgary’s ecosystem becomes. These are the preconditions necessary to grow exciting, innovative and impactful ventures.

Apply for the September 26 Summit.

Please note: In a concerted effort to ensure representation for a diversity of background and experience, we will only be able to invite a limited number of participants.

Only those selected for the summit will be notified. Invitations will be sent out by September 10th.

Want to see last year's Summit Notes?

This is your chance to make a difference in Calgary's innovation ecosystem. Don't know what the summit is about? Take a look at last year's summit notes.

Rainforest Alberta held their fifth summit in Calgary on November 26th, 2018. Click here to download the event summary: Nov 2018 Summit Notes

  Posted: Thursday, August 1st, 7:00pm 7 months ago