Innovation isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind.

Rainforest Alberta is an informal organization of people working together to improve Alberta’s innovation ecosystem.

We want Albertans to know that they don’t have to move away to invent, prosper, and move their ideas forward. To that end, our goal is to grow the same invisible infrastructure that underlies successful tech communities like Silicon Valley, right here in Alberta.



A Rainforest is a human ecosystem in which human creativity, business acumen, scientific discovery, investment capital and other elements have come together in a special recipe that nurtures budding ideas so they can grow into flourishing and sustainable enterprises.

Rainforest: The Secret to Building Silicon Valley, p. 28, Hwang & Horrowit, 2013


Ecosystems are complex. How can an informal organization like Rainforest Alberta work effectively and have a positive impact?

According to Rainforest Strategies LLP, there are six main areas to focus on:

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Activities and Engagements
  • Policies and Infrastructure
  • Role Models
  • Resources.

We use these pillars to guide our conversations and actions — but not all pillars are weighted equally. Learn More.

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