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Rainforest Alberta is a movement of people working together to improve Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. We believe the province has the right ingredients necessary to be fertile ground for growing innovative ideas into sustainable, globally competitive ventures. Learn more

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 The Rainforest Social Contract

"A Rainforest is a human ecosystem in which human creativity, business acumen, scientific discovery, investment capital and other elements have come together in a special recipe that nurtures budding ideas so they can grow into flourishing and sustainable enterprises."

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WTF Steven?! (In late February)

Written By: Steven Rutherford Posted: 6 days ago Main
WTF Steven in February again! I went to some events, drank some beer, it was cool. You totally should have been there.

WTF Steven?! (in early February)

Written By: Steven Rutherford Posted: a month ago Main
I go event, you go event, We all go to events together!

December: MeetUp Round Up

Posted: 3 months ago Main

December: MeetUp Round Up
Our Rainforesters have recommended these three meetups that you must check out this December!

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